Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where's The Audience?

Just 20 miles from Lexington, KY is a quaint theatre space in Midway that was the perfect setting  for an evening of 10 minute plays. I love this type of theatre. Short glimpses of what could be. When involved in new works festivals I dreaded reading all those scripts to get to the one or two that you believed were fit to move forward. Weeding. But Banta Productions and the Thoroughbred Community Theatre found seven good scripts, directors and 15 actors to provide an engaging night of theatre and thought.
You might think that this type of production could be slapped together without rehearsal and thought. It could but, not this Festival. I thought they all showed a commitment to this project exposing the art of the 10 minute play. Capture my interest. Bring me into your world. Take me for a ride then take me back home in 10 minutes. Well done. But, one thing was missing, the audience.
This was opening night, and knowing the size of the theatre, I was surprised that we got tickets kind of last minute. The intimate cabaret setting was perfect for these plays allowing you to be involved with the space and the stage kind of like a classroom or study hall. So, where were the people.  I'm sure audiences will grow but a bunch of people missed some exciting rarely seen theatre in this area.
Favorites? Yes, but that is all subjective. Isn't it? Better here worse there? Script. Actor. Director. The three ingredients we were given Friday night. The Test...character potential, Blood Grass...most iintriguing, Violating Uncle Piggy...comical and energetic, Taken For A Ride...taken and imaginative, No coffee but has a twist, It's Impossible to Get Fired from Thrifty Drug is possible, but leave Nancy in the store, and Saddam's Lions...needs aging and time. There's my list and it might change later today as I reflect on each unique piece and discuss it with others. If I can find someone else that saw and experienced this production.
Here's looking forward to the 3rd Annual Festival.
 But go see the the 2nd Annual Festival now!
What a great fall season this year.
Get out and enjoy.

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