Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Hate My Pancreas. I Hate Hospitals and I Hate Surgery.

 I blame the love of drink and my wisdom teeth for my malady of pancreatitis. At the dentist I could not receive anesthesia because they discovered I had high blood pressure. They told me get that under control and we'll rid you of your wisdom teeth with deeper anesthesia and under hospital control. OK, done. That was 2007. After that ordeal I started to have deep pains in my gut running through my back and down my right leg. My stomach was always upset and in reflux. Keep in mind I was still drinking heavily during this period. 

Fast forward to July 2010 after a 5 day stay in the hospital it is discovered that I have chronic pancreatitis and a "cyst" at the head of the pancreas. Leaving the hospital I decide to stop drinking alcohol and to monitor the situation as prescribed by the doctors. MRI's, blood tests, ultrasounds, and cat scans out the wazoo. To revisit and read more about that ordeal visit:  http://backyarts.blogspot.com/2012/06/lets-have-drink.html

The cyst started the size of a pencil eraser, grew to the size of a quarter, and now it’s the size of a tennis ball. When the doctor tells you this you think you have a tennis ball inside you. The cyst is in an odd place to be a pseudo cyst and might have been there for years before it reared its ugly head. Now the doctors think it is time for it to be removed.

On top of that they told me I am diabetic and need to start insulin shots. That has been an easy adjustment and the shots aren't that bad. Pricking my fingers suck and some are starting to get a little tender. Diabetics have cool toys and gadgets and a nifty bag to carry all your supplies. My blood sugar levels are high at night and they are being monitored now and through the surgery. And who knows what they are going to be after the surgery.

 This whole adventure is like having car problems. You take the car to the mechanic you try to describe the problems and make the sounds your car is making to make it malfunction but when they take it on the road everything seems fine and working properly. Sense I've been on the insulin I have felt better and have more energy. But it is a false feeling and still masking a bigger problem.

Yeah I'm nervous, anxious, and scared. They will make an incision from the sternum to the belly button, take some things out, rearrange and reconnect some other things, and sew me back together. Oh, and take the cyst out. After the surgery I'll be in intensive care for 2-3 days and another 6-7 days in the hospital doing rehab and relearning to eat. Then another 3-4 weeks or so recuperating at home. More time on facebook.

The procedure is called a whipple of the pancreas. Pancreaticoduodenectomy. Watch the video if you so desire. If you don't like medical things, don't watch. I haven't. Basically this is what they are doing.....minus the cancer part and taking out part of my stomach. I hope.

So here we go. Doing the prep, visited with the anesthesiologist, and now I walk into the valley.....I fear no evil. Keep my fears calm. Trust and verify.
And thank God for all things given including you all.

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P.S. Please check on Diane from time to time
I think she is more nervous than me.

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